4 Quarts Tropical Isopod Substrate + 1/2 Gallon Live Oak Leaf Litter + 1 Oz Long Fiber New Zealand Sphagnum Moss


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Our Tropical Isopod Substrate is a rich mixture of organic materials that are perfectly blended to help ensure the health of your isopods, plants, and reptiles! Our tropical isopod substrate contains no chemicals. This makes it a favorite among isopod owners and enthusiast. You can safely add this substrate to any reptile, invertebrate, or amphibian enclosure. 4 Quarts is the perfect amount for a 10 gallon tank, or a 12 quart plastic tub.

Tropical Isopod Substrate is our very own special blend of premium organic soil, earthworm castings, kelp meal, blended leaf powder, pulverized limestone, peat moss, calcium enriched sand, horticulture grade carbon, 1 Oz long fiber New Zealand Sphagnum moss, and 1/2 Gallon organic live oak leaf litter. Our Tropical Isopod Substrate allows for proper burrowing behavior. It also provides the ideal humidity level needed for any isopod culture to thrive. This substrate is great choice for live planted vivariums as well!

While our Tropical Isopod Substrate provides the ideal environment for isopod pets, it is also an excellent addition to arachnids, amphibians, reptiles, and other invertebrates. As an added bonus, it provides food for your isopods as it slowly breaks down over time. Our substrate can last up to a year with proper maintenance and requires overall less maintenance. This helps you save on your isopod habitat needs by not having to replace it so frequently.



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