Cubaris sp “Rubber Ducky”

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Cubaris sp Rubber Ducky isopods for sale make a great clean up crew, as well as an Isopoda pet! Native to Thailand, Rubber Ducky isopods prefer high humidity with deep substrate to burrow down into to help molt. Rubber Ducky isopods will spend a decent amount of time fully submerged into the substrate before and after molting. Quite possibly the most famous isopod in the hobby today. Rubber ducky isopods for sale can reach 20mm (0.79 inches) in length. They have small broods ranging from 1-20. Rubber Ducky isopods take a few months to fully acclimate but breed year round once established.

To learn more about isopods, check out our blog. We discuss all there is to know about keeping, breeding, and housing isopods. They make an excellent addition to any display tank, are safe to add to reptile habitats. Every culture of isopods for sale will contain a mix of sizes, which is what we feel to be the best choice for the cultures of isopods to achieve ultimate success! All of our cultures of isopods for sale are examined frequently to insure there are no foreign contaminants such as pests and or viruses present prior to shipping. This also allows you to confidently choose your desired species.

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