Welcome to Isopoda Pet, here we specialize in keeping rare captive bred Isopod pets!

Here at Isopoda Pet we take pride in providing everyone with the highest quality captive bred isopods. For some people this is just a hobby, but here at Isopoda Pets, this is our full time job! All of our isopods make a great clean up crew, as well as an Isopoda pet! We have over 30 years of combined experience keeping, breeding, and shipping Invertebrates. We will show you just how rewarding keeping isopods as pets can truly be!

If you’re looking for specific species of Isopoda pets and don’t see them, send us a message and we can give you a timeline on availability. All of our isopods are captive bred. This ensures your isopods will thrive in captivity with no issues.





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