Cubaris sp Rubber Ducky

Safe to say one of the most famous isopods in the world. Rubber Ducky isopods have always been one of the most sought after species in the hobby today. Rubber Ducky isopods are slow breeders, taking quite some time to establish. They take around 6 months to become sexually mature enough to reproduce, with brood sizes ranging from 1-20.

Cubaris sp Rubber Ducky isopods prefer high levels of humidity with lots of air space. I keep my enclosure around 30% damp with the rest of the tub dry. On the damp side i keep a 3-4 inch layer of sphagnum moss. Which stays damp constantly. This helps with gravid females and mancae. I spay the enclosure every 4 days, thus to ensure the moss never dries out.

I keep several pieces of cork bark on top of the damp moss. This is where the Rubber Ducky isopods will spend a lot of their time. They do not like bright lights, and tend to be more active at night. This species can be a little shy. Sometimes staying completely burrowed away from sight. I keep around 6 inches of substrate inside their 56qt tub. They have done very well the entire time i’ve kept them this way.

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