Porcellio bolivari

These are probably one of the most impressive looking species of isopods i currently keep. They express some amazing colors and patterns that can intensify with age. Adults can reach over an inch in length, putting them closely behind the giant isopod pets! Porcellio bolivari have decent sized broods once established and seem to breed all year round. They can reproduce at around 7-10+ months old.

They like to stay in a pretty dry environment with only a small section of damp moss for them to retreat to when needed. I keep a few layers of leaf litter inside their tubs which they seem to enjoy. They have done very well for me and produce constantly. Bolivari are somewhat of a shy species and will typically run once spotted, adults can be a lot less timid at times.


Sexual dimorphism is present in this species, which allows for sexing them to be quite easy. Males will grow larger uropods than the females and grow to be slightly larger overall. Females tend to look a little wider than the males, which will look more narrow and slightly longer. We recommend not to keep too many males together as they will eventually fight for the females. 1:2 ratio is what we personally prefer to setup. This has worked well for us over the years!

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